A few months ago I made the mistake of announcing my grandiose plans to self-publish a book filled with journal entries and excerpts I’ve written over the course of 15 years. My plan was to release it by the end of September.

We are nearly half-way through October and if it isn’t already obvious, I am sorry to report that there is no book.

My excuses are that I merely stopped working diligently on it, that I became overwhelmed with the scope of work, that I grew self-conscious of the pieces, that I didn’t want to set some arbitrary date on a project which required a great deal of effort and quality time.

The point is: I have excuses but I do not have a book.

To be honest, I’m not sure there still will be one. We’ll see, but nothing is promised. I hope you’ll accept the following three pieces in its place for now. Thank you to all those who read this shitty blog and to everyone who expressed an interest in my hypothetical book. Maybe one day it’ll be real.

i got u
042610, 19