We're Only Young & Naive Still

We were all wasted, wasting time. But not wasting away

We chose moments, and to live in them richly
We chose singing at the top of our lungs until we were hoarse
And big belly laughter with our faces upturned to the night sky
Driving with the windows down, speeding under a canopy of streetlights,
The whole world bathed in a warm yellow glow

We chose cheap booze and poor decisions
We ate too little and drank too much,
Beer for breakfast and Drugs for dinner

We chose fierce friendships and five-inch pumps,
Too much make up and not enough clothes
Staying awake through the weekend and sleeping through the week, through class after endless class

We chose late night pizza and good music
Beer funnels and all-you-can-eat buffets

We partied in living rooms and backyards
On rooftops. Around fire pits.
In houses with pounding bass and a hundred bodies humming about
In houses with sticky floors that smelled of cigarettes and stale Natural Light

We chose nights with good conversation and mind altering states
Boys with dashing good looks and impure thoughts
We danced with strangers and kissed them on the mouth

We got the spins and remedied them with hangover happiness,
Recapping the pieces of the night we remembered over glasses of water and greasy food,
Breakfast and black coffee
Wearing last night's clothes and last night's make up
The faint smell of last night's cigarette smoke still lingering in our hair

We chose the bar over studying, and then we had no choice but to choose all-nighters

We chose 4 AM conversations,
Spilling slurred secrets through wine-stained teeth
And sharing stories with each other
Becoming the kind of friends who were vital to survival
The kind of friends who would turn into family

We chose family taco night and pasta night and potluck dinner night
We chose the pool, tailgating, 2-for-1 margaritas, and hot summer days of doing nothing

We were promiscuous, but he had promise. We had potential

We had no money but we were rich in love
Young and beautiful, suspended in time
We chose to laugh and cry, dance and sing. To play and fight and break up and make up

We chose Life
We chose to live.