the serpent & the sinner

Dark faces in places
I cannot see
nor decipher
at the bottom of a bottle
deep in whiskey wet dreams
and I'm tearing at the seams
of my senile sanity
No air
No breath
just my pending death
and my vanity
I scratch and tear
at this Holy Cross I wear
My dress is torn
and my body's worn
from my descent
into the infinite black abyss
I am deranged
among the orange flames --
-- My friends
But all my friends are dead
I made them still,
but still
I long for them
And the rush of blood
that spills
with every turn of the knife
with every stillness of life
with every wry smile
that spills across my face
I love the taste
of ruby red revenge
Drinking down victory
like red wine
and I am drunk with gluttony
I make myself sick with
Gore & Glory
And oh what a mess I've made
of my white blouse
and this white house
in which I keep no secrets
Just the deepest
sea of
Regrets and
pet skeletons
Baring their bones for the whole world to see
with judging eyes
and protesting cries
Turning their faces to the skies to
pray away my Demons
and ask for my salvation
from our Heavenly Father above
I've done nothing
to deserve his love (his poison)
A prison
of smoke and mirrors and broken glass
reflecting my contorted face
reflecting an entire race of
the deceived and decomposed
A rose
for every sinner
and none for the saints
We rejoice in this Tragic Kingdom we call hell
and call this hell our home
For those who lived to dare
and dared to breathe
Can't you see?
The fire burning down below?
I've earned my dark wings
I've earned my sweet sorrow
I've earned my dark Lord
I think I'll go
I think I'll go.