Dark Matter

Wide-eyed and wordless
I am worthless

I'm clawing and scratching
Climbing and crawling my way
toward the sound of your voice


and so devilishly seductive

It's insanity, this masochism
This madness
This business of finding my way to you
so I can feel you, every inch
of my mistake

Sinning over and over again
while we smile and
scream silently into the belly of the beast

Into the big empty

Biting my lip to draw blood
Drops of crimson between my teeth
and the taste of rust on my tongue

Your hot mouth on mine turning our lips cherry red
Bleeding for each other
Hearts beating and reeling for each other

Furiously tearing one another to pieces just to feel
that familiar pain
Just to lick each other's wounds
Until we're whole again
New again
Too much

Never enough

Drinking in the poison that is you
The thrill of death
with every touch and every
murderous kiss

If this is heaven
it feels like hell
But six feet under never felt so good
'til I was underneath your shadow

Gripping you tight between my thighs
and pulling you close to me

We are enslaved to each other

Binding our hands and feet
Blinding our eyes, and
Chaining our bodies together into one
Dangerous Monster
of Fatal Attraction