When I told you the truth you said you'd keep me safe
A brilliant lie
I wasted my life
under star-filled skies, resembling a string of diamonds against black velvet
The devastating blue of the ocean below
mirroring the darkness of the heavens above
I burned our bridge
walking unaffected through the fire and the flames,
turning the clothes on my back to ash until
I was burned and bare, rising from the ruins
appearing like a mirage out of the flames like
a disaster
a master of
deception, disguised as an ephemeral beauty
in a world of vultures and devoid of virtue
Blowing smoke rings and sending my farewell kisses on the wind
You were the one who taught me how to be alive
You made me whole
Right before you sentenced us to Death
and shattered me
into a million shards of broken glass
Left me strewn across lonely highways more empty than your heartless heart
I want you to feel the heat
of the hate you helped so much to create
pumping through my veins
Brooding and boiling beneath the surface of my skin
and sealing your tragic fate

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