20 Times I Really, Really Loved Life

1. When I thanked the human race for their contributions

2. When I had this PSA for FSU bus drivers & my mom was super proud

3. When I took the time to really appreciate the start of my day

4. When I reflected fondly on a great semester

5. When I used driving as my time to meditate

6. When I took responsibility for my emotions

7. When I rode the runner's endorphin high

8. When I found inner peace and a way to cope with my anxiety

9. When I embraced popular trends

10. When I understood how to be politically correct in the work-place

11. When the positivity of others lifted my spirits

12. When I made friends with others who shared my love for fitness

13. When I appreciated how far we've come technologically

14. When I adhered to the practice of always showing the customer the utmost respect

 15. When I didn't let a little inconvenience spoil my mood

16. When I forgave & forgot

17. When I appreciated the diversity of my friends on social media

18. When I went jet-setting and made friends on the plane

19. When I understood the meaning of romance in relationships

20. And finally, when I moved to the Bible Belt & embraced the lifestyle with dignity &  grace